Andrologist in Hyderabad

Andrology is the field of urology that focuses on male reproductive system and urological issues specific to men. Some consider it to be the equivalent of gynaecology, however, it is not as well known as a separate field of study. Interest in the research of andrology started around the 1960s. The study of andrology includes concerns like penile problem, male fertility, and procedures like circumcision, vasectomy, and prostatectomy. 

An andrologist will create a therapy strategy that is most suited for the patient while treating patients with infertility problems. The most effective course of treatment to raise a patient’s semen quality may involve taking medications, such as antibiotics or steroids. Surgery is the preferred course of action when sperm production obstructions are the main factor causing male infertility.

Additionally, andrology is employed to help men with family planning. The most popular and efficient method of male contraception is vasectomies, which many men use when they don’t want to have children. The medical procedure known as a vasectomy prevents sperm from travelling from the testicles to the penis. This birth control method is meant to be long-lasting. A technique known as a vasovasostomy can be used to reverse it, however it is not always successful in restoring sperm flow.

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